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Upcoming Adult Education Events

  • Sun
    1:00 pmTBS Social Hall

    Do you like to take photographs? Then bring your cell phone, point and shoot,
    and/or fancy camera and join this interactive workshop on using photography
    to enhance mindfulness.
    Phil will share images from some of his "Photo Rituals" and then brainstorm
    with participants on ideas to help us focus more intentionally on the world around us, with a camera. Plus, participants will also learn about and practice taking pictures using key elements of visual language, such as shapes, colors, gesture, light.
    This workshop is for everyone, regardless of photography experience or equipment. Photography enables all of us to look closely, to be in the moment, and to share what we notice, care about and see.

  • Sun
    1:00 pmTBS Social Hall

    Book Presentation by Ellen Eisenberg, Dwight & Margaret Lear Professor of American History

    This presentation explores how the razing of a South Portland neighborhood under an Urban Renewal plan in the 1960's led to the birth of a new Oregon Jewish history. In an effort to tell the story of the immigrant experience in
    the soon-to-be paved over neighborhood, a group of Jewish women stepped forward to collect oral histories, write an original musical, and prepare a series of exhibits. In the process, they created Old South Portland, the product of communal memory and more general American Jewish tropes. Emerging
    at a time when the Lower East Side had become the iconic version of the East European immigrant story and while Fiddler on the Roof was playing on Broadway and on the silver screen, Old South Portland drew on both, importing
    elements of these stories and transposing them onto the local landscape.

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