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Help TBS bring a full-time rabbi to Salem!

Support the SHOFAR Campaign to raise $300,000 by June 30, 2015.




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It’s Hamantaschen Time!


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Support The SHOFAR Campaign

Help us bring a FULL-TIME RABBI to Salem!


It’s Hamantaschen Time!

TBS Celebrates 18 years of Hamantaschen Making! Yes, it’s true, this is the 18th year that our dedicated crew has been making hamantaschen for all to enjoy. This activity has grown into one of TBS’s biggest fundraisers and has been featured in The Statesman Journal and even The Wall Street Journal.

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Visioning Project Follow-Up

As you all know, two years ago we went through the process of developing a short-term strategic plan for helping our community move through a very difficult time. After two years, we have made some amazing progress; not only in implementing many elements of the Visioning recommendations, but in healing our community and coming together…

The Weisz Family

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